Strahinja Grkinić

Hello! I'm Stra, a Certified PMP® and DASM® with a managerial background in tech startups and digital agencies. I practice servant leadership, always putting the needs of my team first. I highly value collaborative synergy and I am constantly curious and ready to learn. Welcome to my page!

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Currently working on improving these things about myself:

Sometimes I get carried away with goals and disregard the power of play. It's ok to remind me and ask: "how do we make this also fun?"

I'm used to wearing many different hats so I tend to take on other people’s problems. It's ok to ask me: "what is being ignored?"

I tend to focus at one task at a time and may become overwhelmed when faced with multiple competing responsibilities. It's ok to ask me: "why is this a priority?"

This site is intended to help those who'd like to get in contact with me. It is maintained by me and contains information which I find timely and relevant.

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