Sessions are structured according to my current goals, available time and equipment.
FR - Freeletics
Q&D - Quick & Dead
S&S - Simple & Sinister
EL - Eric Leija
RBS/RBR - Rest time between sets/rounds
(default 1:30)
BW - Bodyweight
WT - Weighted
KB - Kettlebell
ED - Each Direction
ES - Each Side
* - Killer
(C) - Customized


  1. [February]


  1. [December]


  1. 11. Back
  2. 10. Chest
  3. 9. Back
  4. 8. Chest
  5. 7. Legs
  6. 6. Gara Push
  7. 5. Gara Legs
  8. 4. Gara Pull
  9. 3. Gara Push
  10. 2. Gara Legs
  11. 1. Gara Pull


Pallof Band Press 2x15 ES
Farmers Walk 2x20m ES | 28kg KB

2 Rounds Of:

Hanging Knee Raise x10
Elbow Plank 60sec
Bicycle Crunch x20
Superman 10x10sec Hold

Rear Lat Pull Down

5x10 | 50kg

Narrow Cable Row

4x12 | 29kg

Cable Face-Pulls

3x15 | 8.25kg


Bench Press

5x10 | 55kg

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

3x10 | 2x16kg

Peck Deck

3x12 | 30kg


Front Lat Pull Down

10x10 | 50kg

I had to terminate this session due to the spondylolisthesis problem for which I havent been fully aware until visiting a chiropractor later that day. I had been experiencing chronic radiating pain in my lower back the previous few weeks with sudden and very painful hamstring spasms occuring while in hipe hinge possition and on my heels.


Bench Press

6x10 | 55kg 4x10 | 50kg

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

4x10 | 2x16kg

Peck Deck

4x12 | 25kg


Barbell Back Squats

10x10 | 55kg


3x20 | 32kg

Leg Extension

3x10 | 45kg

Gara Push

RTO Pushups x60
Dips x50
Incline Dumbell Bench Press 2x17.5 x40
Overhead Dumbbell Push Press 2x12.5 x30

Gara Legs

Squats 10x10 | 55kg
Lunges 3x20 | 35kg

Gara Pull

BW Ring Pullups x50
BW Aussie Pullups 4x10
Deadlifts 4x12 | 55kg

3 Rounds

A1 T-Bar Row x20 | 42.5kg
A2 Band Face Pulls x15

Gara Push

Pushups x100
Dips x50
Dumbell Push press 2x15 4x8
Triceps Dips 3x15

Gara Legs

Squats 10x10 | 50kg
Lunges 3x20 | 35kg

Gara Pull

BW Aussie Pullups 4x10
Wide-Grip Up-Right Row 4x10 | 30kg
Band Face Pulls 3x15
Reverse-Grip Bent Over Row 3x12 | 50kg