Lower Hyper

Front Squat

Weight (kg)6070805532.5

Leg Curl

Weight (kg)4550554540

Leg Press 3×10 | 100kg

Back Extensions 3×8 | 15kg

Upper Strength

Incline Bench Press 80kg | 4×5
Bench DB 2x28kg | 3×8-10
Upper Back Row Machine 50kg | 3×10
Lat Pull Reverse Grip 70-65kg | 6-8
Shoulder Press 45kg | 2×8 1×6
EZ Wide Biceps Curl 32kg | 3×8
Cable Triceps Push Down 27.5 | 3×10


Sokobanja 7:30am

“New spring, same story,” Garivoje thought as he licked his mustache. “Bird brain is neurotically repetitive. Doesn’t give them peace. For a moment they fall silent and it seems that they had taken a break, finally got what they wanted. Then they fly to another branch and start all over.
While I was a young cat, I was able to enjoy early morning concerts. I fantasized about plucking their feathers, I wanted to taste them while they were warm. Now I almost don’t notice them.
They are tireless. I don’t understand them.
I think I’ll move under the cherry tree.”



5 Rounds:

12x Front Squats 40kg
3x RTO Dips
12x Deadlifts 40kg
6x Push Press 40kg

Time: 24:51

Metis + Sq/Pr/Pu

Round 1/3

10x Burpees
10x Climbers
10x Jumps

Round 2/3

25x Burpees
25x Climbers
25x Jumps

Round 3/3

10x Burpees
10x Climbers
10x Jumps

Time: 06:28


4 Rounds

6x Front Squats 40kg
12x BW Dips
10x BW Ring Rows
8x Push Press 40kg

Time: 18:23



5 Rounds:

8x Front Squats 40kg
10x Push Press 40kg
4x BW Pullups
10x BW RTO Pushups

Time: 22:19



5 Rounds:

12x Front Squats 40kg
10x BW Dips
4x BW L-Sit Chinups
3x BW Handstand Pushups

Time: 25:02