Sessions are structured according to my current goals, available time and equipment.
"L" - Lower volume or intensity.
"H" - Harder...
"M" - Medium...
RBS - Rest time between sets
(when not stated RBS is 1:30)
RBR - Rest time between rounds
BW - Bodyweight
WT - Weighted


  1. [August]


  1. [May]


  1. 8. Rings BBR Pull 1
  2. 7. Rings BBR Push 2
  3. 6. Rings BBR Pull 2
  4. 5. KB RKC Deep 6
  5. 4. Rings BBR Push 1
  6. 3. Rings BBR Pull 1
  7. 2. Q&D Snatches 80 5/4 + Up The Ladder KB
  8. 1. Rings Push 1

Rings BBR Pull 1

10min Body Warmup

WT Chinup 4x5 RBS 2:30 | 24kg
Row 3 x 10
Pelican Curl 3x8
Face Pull 3x8

Rings BBR Push 2

10min Full Body Warmup

BW Ring Dips 2x8
WT Ring Dips 2x4 | 24kg
WT Dips 2x5 | 24kg
KB Push Press 3x8
RTO Push Up 3x8
Handstand Shrug - 3x12
Tricep Dip 3x8

Longer than usual, but fuck it - it's weekend.

Rings BBR Pull 2

10min Full Body Warmup

Mantle Chin Ups - 3x4 | Each Arm
Tuck Front Lever Holds - 3x10-15s
Face Pull - 3x8
Skin The Cat - 3x3
Bicep Curls - 3x8

KB RKC Deep 6

5min EMOTM 10x KB Swing

24kg KB | 3 Rounds

Swing x5
Snatch x5
Clean & Press x5
Front Squat x5
TGU x1

Round = Both sides completed.
Time: 19:10


Assisted Pistol Squat 2x5 | Each Leg
Toes To Bar 3x10

Rings BBR Push 1

10min Body Warmup

RTO Dips 4x8
Archer Pushups 3x8
Chest Fly 2x8
Tricep Dips 3x10
Tricep Extensions 2x10

Enjoyed a fresh Sunday morning in the park.

Rings BBR Pull 1

10min Body Warmup

BW Chinup (Tuck L or L-Sit) 4x5 RBS 2:30
Row 3 x 10
Pelican Curl 3x8
Face Pull 3x8

First time doing Pelican Curl - instant favorite!

Q&D Snatches 80 5/4 + Up The Ladder KB

16min | 4 Series | 80 reps | 24kg KB Snatch

When the timer starts at 00:00, do a set of five snatches with your left arm. Rest actively until 00:30 and do another set of five with the left. Then, do five left at 01:00 and another five left at 01:30.


You have just completed a series of 5/4 and the clock shows around 01:40. Rest for the remainder of the minute, plus two full minutes. When the timer shows 04:00, start a series with your right.

2 Rounds | Up The Ladder KB | 24kg KB

5x Burpees
10x KB Squat Cleans (each arm)
15x Goblet Lunges (each leg)
20x KB Swings
25x Push Ups
2min rest

Time: 19:42

Rings Push

10min Body Warmup

1. Baby Muscle Ups 4x5
2. WT Dips 4x8 | 24kg
3. RTO Press Ups 3x8
4. Chest Fly 2x8

It feels good to be back on track.

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